Britain will enjoy an early summer heatwave, lasting from mid-April to the end of June, according to reports.

Many parts of the UK are set to enjoy higher-than-average temperatures, with the mercury rising all the way until the end of June, reports the Mirror.

March saw a fabulous start to spring, with temperatures reaching 20C in some areas, hotter than many Mediterranean holiday hotspots like Ibiza and Turkey.

Some papers have looked to the Met Office's three-month outlook for contingency planning for news about what's to come.

But the Met Office was a little more cautious, telling Aol Travel: "While it does say that above average temperatures are favoured for the UK for April-May-June, this is only in regards to the UK's mean temperature – which takes into account both day and night for the whole three months for the whole country."

So perhaps it may not be blazing sunshine every day, but the fact that it is likely to be warmer than usual is still a boost for us weather-weary Brits.

Even a slight heatwave would be music to everybody's ears, particularly those in the south west of England who endured severe flooding in one of the wettest winters ever this year.

Looking towards the end of this week, Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, says from Wednesday things are looking up a little.

He told Aol Travel: "High pressure will bring dry and fine weather from Wednesday until Friday, although some rain may reach the far north and west by Friday."

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