Fisher Konrad Fischer holds a message in a bottle from 1913 on the fishing cutter

A fisherman and his crew have found the world's oldest message in a bottle 101 years after it was sent.

Konrad Fischer and his crew caught the bottle in their nets two miles from the Kiel lighthouse in Germany.

An almost 101-year-old postcard with the date 17 May 1913 was stuck in the bottle.

The Daily Mail reports that the note was written by a German called Richard Platz one year before World War One, when he died.

"I had it in my hand, but then a colleague told me there was something in it," skipper Konrad Fischer told regional newspaper the Kieler Nachrichten (via The Local).

"When I saw the date I got really excited."

The Guinness World Records lists the oldest message in the bottle as being found in 2012, 97 years after it was sent.

Fishermen Discover Oldest Message In A Bottle

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