Siberian weather turns from heatwave to heavy snow in just one day

We think our weather is weird, but spare a thought for residents of the town of Nadym in Siberia, who were left shivering when a 30C heatwave turned into a heavy snow storm.

Sky News reports that the snow started coming down after days of tropical weather. Although temperatures can drop to -50C during a Siberian winter, it's unusual for there to be snow in June, when the area typically enjoys a hot, but brief, summer.

Amateur video footage shows the snow falling so heavily that it's hard to believe that the day before people were enjoying the sunshine in shorts and t-shirts.

Our own weather has been so peculiar over the last year or two, that this week Met Office forecasters will meet climate scientists in an effort to discover what is causing our long, freezing winters, droughts and floods.

ITV News reports that the workshop at Met Office HQ will look at the impact that factors like declining sea ice might be having on the European climate, ocean current cycles and the jet stream.

Met Office spokesman Dan Williams told ITV: "There has been a run of unusual seasons. It could be that some of these factors are working together to give us unusual seasons or it could just be natural variability."

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