Trunk road? Shocked motorists spot 'elephant' on the motorway

Would you ever be likely to see an elephant flying past you on the motorway at 70mph? 'Not on your Nellie,' might be an appropriate response.

But that's what some drivers spotted in their rear-view mirrors on the M4 near Heathrow Airport this morning.

The huge - and rather life-like - papier-mâché structure whizzed past motorists strapped to a truck, and featured stencilled floral prints on its legs and behind.

Trunk road? Shocked motorists spot 'elephant' on the motorway

It's not known where the beast was headed, but it certainly turned some heads on the motorway.

According to the Daily Mail, one surprised driver said: "I looked in my rear view mirror and Dumbo was bearing down on me - I nearly crashed."

It's definitely not your average rush-hour view...

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