World's largest crocodile in captivity Lolong dies in Philippines

The largest saltwater crocodile in captivity in the world has died in the Philippines. Scroll down for video

The one-tonne six-metre crocodile, called Lolong, was found flipped over with a bloated stomach at the ecotourism park in Bunawan town, where he had become something of a star attraction.

The crocodile was captured in September 2011 after a 100-strong three-week manhunt following a number of villager deaths in the area.

World's largest crocodile in captivity Lolong dies in Philippines

Lolong was formally declared the world's largest crocodile in captivity by Guinness World Records last year, measuring 6.4m (21ft), and weighing in at 1,075kg (2,370lbs).

According to the BBC, Bunawan mayor Edwin Elorde told the Philippine Daily Enquirer: "He refused to eat since last month and we noticed a change in the colour of his faeces.

"Our personnel also noticed an unusual ballooning of the reptile's belly."

Local vet Alex Collantes said the unseasonably cold weather could have affected the crocodile.

Mr Elorde said that wildlife experts will perform an autopsy on the animal to determine the cause of death.

World's largest crocodile in captivity Lolong dies in Philippines

Funeral rites will be held at the ecotourism park, which, the mayor said, had been thrust into the limelight by Lolong.

He added that the crocodile will be preserved and placed in a museum so villagers and tourists can still admire him.

Elorde told the Guardian: "I'd like them to see the crocodile that broke a world record and put our town on the map."

Bunawan is a town of 37,000 people about 515 miles south east of Manila.

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