Video: The London Dungeon's frightful car boot sale

After scaring tourists in London's Tooley Street for the past 38 years, the London Dungeon is on the move – and thrill-seekers are flocking to buy all the people-scaring props that are being discarded.

General manager Ben Sweet said hundreds of people have come to the Dungeon to snap up the bargains: "The response has been overwhelming," he said.

"The London Dungeon is close to people's hearts. We've been at Tooley Street for 38 years; hundreds and hundreds of thousand of visitors have come to the dungeon, and everybody wants to own a piece of it."

Video: The London Dungeon's frightful car boot sale

Amongst the memorabilia were the famous stocks where many a visitor had their photographs taken, as well as freaky dolls, heads on sticks, torturers, and torture tools.

And the most sought-after goodies? "Skeletons have been a popular request," says Ben. "Torture equipment from lots of people... One of my favourites was a little boy, about six years old, who carried off a giant scythe, which was pretty hilarious. But people are just enjoying the occasion."

According to the BBC, new equipment is being installed at the London Dungeon's new site in County Hall, a move that has cost £20 million.

The new London Dungeon opens to the public on 1 March.

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