Ryanair's new game gives passengers chance to win back cost of their flights

Budget airline Ryanair have come up with yet another extra charge to add to the total cost of your booking - but at least this one is optional.

The Telegraph reports that customers are now given the option to pay an extra £3, £4, or £5 - depending on the total cost of their booking - to take part in the 'Play to Win' game.

Everyone who opts to play the game is asked a general knowledge question. If they get it right they are entered into a prize draw for the change to get a full refund of their booking.

According to the terms and conditions, Ryanair guarantees at least three winners a week. Winners will be informed on the flight confirmation page and refunds will be made within ten weeks of the booking.

According to The Telegraph, a spokesperson was unable to confirm how many passengers had taken part so far - but he did reveal details of the first winner.

James McLaughlin from County Donegal said he had won back his €676 booking. He said: "I'm a big fan of Ryanair's low fares and I'm a frequent flier. Winning my fare back was the best news I got in ages and I'm over the moon!"

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