Amazing photograph captures moment when great white is eaten by another sharkReddit/Mancubus1

When a fisherman hooked a good-sized great white shark off the coast of New Zealand earlier this week, he couldn't believe his luck.

But before he had chance to haul his catch onboard, it attracted the attention of another - much bigger - great white, who quickly clamped its jaws around the tail of the smaller fish.

Amazingly, the fisherman managed to capture the unusual incident on film - and when he posted it on Reddit it quickly attracted more than 2500 comments.

The Daily Mail reports that the shark was caught in the waters near Kaiteriteri, during a post-Christmas fishing expedition on December 28.

The fisherman, who's Reddit name is Maccubus1, posted the image with the caption: "Caught a small shark... next minute..."

Unfortunately, it's not known what happened next. But judging by the size of the second shark, it's safe to assume that the fisherman cut his losses and gave up his catch.

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