Cold front! Toilet on Polish train covered in three inches of snow and iceCEN

It was frozen pees all-round for commuters desperate to spend a penny on one passenger train in Poland.

Astonished passengers trying to use the lavatory on the Szczezin to Warsaw route found they had to chip their way through three inches of snow and ice before they could even see the seat.

Artur Kaminski, 68, who took the snaps, said: "The carriage was absolutely freezing - about -3 degrees - so I was huddled up with other passengers trying to keep warm.

"Then I went to use the toilet - and was confronted with this."

Fellow passenger Agnieszka Mucha got no sympathy when she tried complaining to the conductor. She said: "I went to see if they could turn the heating on and he told me, 'It's an old train - at least their isn't snow in the carriage'."

Railway officials have blamed a faulty window seal for the frosty reception.

Spokesman Michal Stilger said: "We have different trains and carriages of different ages. They are all safe and efficient.

"If passengers report snow inside the train we remove it."

And we like to moan about Network Rail...

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