The shortest flight in the world: Wesray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands, Scotland


There's no time to buy scratch cards or even a cheeky G&T on this flight - because it takes just two minutes to reach your destination.

The journey between Westray to Papa Westray in the northern Orkney Islands covers just 3km and costs a mere £17 single (£21 for a day return).

Passengers are encouraged to stay over on the isle of Papa Westray overnight, with reduced Loganair return fares of £14.50 if you sleep over.

A beach at Papa Westray, Orkney Islands, ScotlandRex

And we reckon it's certainly worth a stop. Highlights for visitors to Papa Westray include the Knap of Howar (which is older than the Pyramids), a lively RSPB reserve, wild beaches and and best of all, lots of uninterrupted peace and quiet.

Ever been to the Orkney islands? Is it worth taking such a short flight? Let us know below!

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