Pics of the day: Stunning ocean waves as you've never seen themCaters

Two talented photographers have captured stunning pictures of waves rolling on to the beach in Hawaii with the sun sparkling through the crystal droplets.

The images show the moment each wave breaks, and were shot by nature-loving snappers Nick Selway, 28, and CJ Kale, 35.

They posit themselves in the water waiting for the waves to crash over their heads, and use a waterproof case to ensure the protection of their cameras.

Pics of the day: Stunning ocean waves as you've never seen themCaters

According to the Daily Mail, CJ, from Hawaii, said: "It's such a beautiful island - all the different colours seemed to be replicated in the water while we were snapping away.

"We spend most of our time in the water photographing, but to get these kinds of shows isn't easy and it takes a lot of patience to get it right.

"Fortunately it paid off this time and we managed to get an amazing set of images."

Nick, from Washington, and CJ, who grew up on the Waianae coast both have a passion for the outdoors and adventure, and also love to photograph active volcanos.

And they're not the only ones; this week a brave photographer got extremely up close and personal with an erupting volcano in Hawaii for his perfect 'money shot'.

G Brad Lewis braved molten lava spewing from the Kilauea Volcano on Big Island, which reached 1,000C.

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