200 drunken students have 'mass brawl' and rampage on ferry to CalaisPA

A group of around 200 British students ran amok on a ferry from Dover to Calais this weekend.

Many of the 1,559 passengers on board the 2.20am P&O Spirit of France crossing were put in a secure room for their own safety as the students streaked, overturned tables, set ashtrays on fire, and smashed glasses.

According to crew, the 'loutish behaviour' culminated in a mass brawl at the bar.

Captain Steve Johnson described the behaviour of undergraduates from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester as "despicable".

He told The Sun: "There was dancing on tables and bottles and glasses kicked off tables. Males and females were exposing themselves in generally drunken, loutish behaviour. There were many complaints."

Four coach loads of students boarded the ferry heading off on skiing trips in the Alps.

The universities have said they are investigating the incident.

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