Plane 'slices woman in half' on the runwayStock photo, light aircraft: Rex

A woman has been 'sliced in two' after being hit by a plane on a runway at the Ermelo airstrip in Johannesburg.

Local pilot Malcolm Wushard was bringing the light aircraft in to land when three women ran across the runway.

Police spokesperson Captain Carla Prinsloo said it is believed the women were picking up wood in a plantation near the airfield, according to

Prinsloo said: "They took a shortcut over the airfield but one of the women miscalculated and was hit by the plane's left wing."

The pilot was unharmed, and Prinsloo said police were still waiting for the victim's family to come to Ermelo to identify the body.

CAA spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu confirmed the incident and said an investigation team had been sent to the airstrip.

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