Smile for the camera! Shark gives diver high fiveCaters

This incredible underwater image of a lemon shark interacting with diver Eli Martinez was taken in the warm waters off the coast of the Bahamas. Scroll down for video.

Martinez, the editor of Shark Diver magazine, says his mission is to "show the beauty and excitement of the shark species, as well as to help destroy the myth that sharks are mindless monsters.

Referring to this photo, he said: "This particular shark I have encountered before. Her name is Taxi. She is very laid back, so I knew if I held my hand out she would come over.

"At first she was swimming straight towards me, but I didn't expect her to turn at the last moment. She tapped my palm with her fin like we were high five-ing."

Check out the amazing video below to see Eli interacting with tiger sharks.

And for more lovely Caribbean underwater images, see our image gallery below...

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