Man arrested on Easyjet flight as it lands at GatwickPA

A man was arrested by four armed police on an Easyjet flight after it landed at Gatwick this month.

Franco Romanucci, from Stannet Way, Walington, was arrested on a flight that had come from Amsterdam after his name flagged up on airport computers as having an outstanding warrant out for his arrest for non-payment of court fines.

One onlooker described how the four policeman boarded the plane just before passengers started disembarking, showed a warrant to the cabin crew, and asked them where Romanucci was sitting.

He was taken to a Sussex police station, and a police spokeswoman told the Sutton Guardian that the fine had now been paid.

According to the paper, Romanucci was given a two-year suspended sentence in December 2008 for stealing a £10,000 digger from a building site.

Meanwhile, Easyjet made headlines this week after a 14-year-old girl from Belfast who was on a school trip in England was banned from her flight home after she lost her boarding card - after checking in.

Frances Wilson was set to fly back from Gatwick to Belfast International, but realised she had lost her boarding card after having it at check in.

The airline said there was not enough time to re-issue another boarding card before the flight's departure, so Frances and a teacher had to stay another night in London, and fly home the next day with Flybe.

  • Baggage restrictions

    No, no, we don't really need to take anything with us on our holiday, honestly. We may be going to Norway for two weeks in January, but a toothbrush, t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops will do us just fine. The book, nappies, wet wipes and baby food ? No problem, they'll slip right into the one bag too, that's fine, don't need them at all, yes stick them in the overhead locker miles away from my seat, too. Marvellous.

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  • No seat pocket

    Remember in the old days when the seat in front of you had a pocket you could stow your bits and pieces, magazines, bottle of water etc, instead of having to strew them all over the floor? They might be saving space and weight, but when your three-year-old starts projectile vomiting and the seat belt sign's on, suddenly a seat pocket full of sick bags makes a lot of sense. Ah, sweet revenge...

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  • Lousy legroom

    Jeez, there's nothing like 29" legroom pitch and a non-reclining seat back to force you to practice your yoga moves. Like human origami, we fold our limbs into unnatural shapes and wonder why we can't feel our feet by the end of the flight. And we're relatively normal! What it's like for a 6ft 7" man, or a 7 month pregnant woman with a 20 month old on her 'lap' doesn't bear thinking about...

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  • Surly service

    OK, when you're paying more for your beer than your air fare, you can't expect silver service, but would a smile hurt? We feel for the cabin crew dealing with leery stag weekenders and bitter businessmen whose companies won't cough up for a proper airline, but it would be nice to be treated slightly more like a human being, less like a walking wallet from whom to extract as much cash as possible in a two hour period. Scratch card, perfume, magazine, £2.50 bottle of water, anyone?

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